About us

The Bible Society in Turkey was established in 1820 and registered as the offices of both the British & Foreign Bible Society and the American Bible Society.

Today, the Bible Society is operating in 204 countries and territories around the world. The purpose is to make the Bible available throughout the world. Its aims are to make the Bible available in a language people can understand and at a price they can afford.

The entire Bible or some portions of the Bible have already been translated into 3225 of the world's estimated 6.500 languages, which reach 90% number of the world population.

Our translation policy ensures that we have translation guidelines acceptable to the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches. Bible Societies are dedicated to faithfully delivering new translations to Christians anywhere who have never had a Bible in their own language.

Turkish Bible Society
P.K. 252 Beyoğlu 34421 İstanbul, Türkiye
Telefon: +90 212 512 4445
E-mail: bilgi@kitabimukaddes.com

Short History

The founding of the Bible Society that actively works throughout 204 countries of the world was inspired by a young girl called Mary Jones who walked over 25 miles across the countryside to get a Bible in Bala, Gwynedd.

Having learned to read in the schools, it became her burning desire to possess a Bible of her own. The nearest copy was at a farm two miles distant from her little cottage, and there was no copy on sale nearer than Bala – 25 miles away. It was even not certain that a copy could be obtained there. Welsh Bibles were scarce in those days. Having saved for six years until she had enough money to pay for a copy, she started one morning in 1800 for Bala, and walked the 25 miles, barefoot as usual, to obtain a copy from the Rev. Charles, the only individual with Bibles for sale in the area. According to one version of the story, Mr. Charles told her that all of the copies which he had received were sold or already spoken for. Upon seeing Mary so distraught at this news, Charles decided to give her one of the copies already promised to someone else.

Mr. Charles became one of the pioneers with the clerical board of the city to be recognized by the British and Foreign Bible society. When Mary finally owned a Bible, her patience and determination had realized her goal. Her very own acts have opened the doors for others to have their own Bibles through the Bible Society.

The Bible Society in Turkey was established part of this movement in 1820 and continues to work in the sphere of Bible translation until today.